Cooking Salt

NGS supplies a 100% natural cooking sea salt which does not clogg even when wet spoons or moisture makes contact with this salt. This salt has zero additives and can also be used in a grinder. It provides an excellent versatile natural tasty product for cooking. This salt can also be provided in a low sodium form.

This product has no additives such as other salts like sodium ferricyanide, and therefore it provides for a 100% natural option coupled with that well known sea salt taste.

Traditionally cooking salt has been the same as table salt, but has been called cooking salt for no other reason than larger packaging. Traditional cooking salt has the technical name PDV which stands for pure dried vacuum salt, which has been chemically manufactured through a refinery. This salt tastes less salty and has a bitter taste to it in comparison to natural Sea Salt.

PDV salt if looked at carefully can be seen to be perfectly round fine dusty balls which have been made via a mechanical process. Due to the fine nature of this salt, it has to be mixed with anti caking agent so it flows freely, and when it becomes wet it clogs up. Anti caking agents are chemicals such as sodium ferrocyanide which help to keep such a fine product free flowing and free of clumps.

Sea Salt on the other hand is totally natural and occurs in salt farms commonly in the mediterranean. This salt comes from sea water and is harvested after the sun evaporates the sea water leaving the salt behind. This salt comes in all shapes and sized and because it can carry no fines, it can be used without adding any kind of additives such as the anti caking agent mentioned above. As the salt has formed naturally, it is 100% natural and the taste is totally natural.

The taste of Sea Salt is more salty than PDV salt and lot more friendly to the pallet. Sea Salt also has a host of other vitamins and minerals that add taste and benefit the body, which chemically manufactured PDV does not have such as Calcium and Magnesium for example. Using Sea Salt also results in using less salt since it is much more salty. This can only be good for people since the modern day person consumes more sodium (salt) than they should and so any decrease in this intake should be welcome

The small granulated texture of the salt with zero fines means that "cooks who care" will usually make this salt their "finger salt", since spreading it with the fingers is not only helpful, but immensely fulfilling allowing the flow and flare of a natural cook to be excercised over this natural product. Even wet fingers don't stop the natural flow and roll of this truly amazing cooking salt making your food taste better than ever.

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